Tomato Pulihora

Traditional South Indian Pulihora with a twist — this one is cooked with tomato.

Usirikaya Pulihora (Tangy Gooseberry Rice)

Pulihora is a quintessential dish that is made on any festival in most of South Indian homes. Usually tamarind and lemon pulihora are very common in my household. I’ve tried pulihora with different ingredients like, gongura, cranberries and broccoli before. I saw the recipe for Usirikaya/ gooseberry pulihora on a Telugu cooking show and thought this would be great to make for Ugadhi. I bought a bag of frozen gooseberries and used them to make this pulihora. Original recipe used grated gooseberries to make the pulihora, when I tried to grate the frozen ones, it was a little difficult. So…