Dishes from Southern Hemisphere

24 dishes from Southern Hemisphere – explore the delicious cuisines from this region without leaving your home. Included in the round up are soups, salads, breads, main dishes and even desserts.

Did you know that there are 41 countries in the Southern Hemisphere?? I didn’t know either until I took up ‘Explore Southern Hemisphere cuisine’ for blogging marathon. If you want to learn some interesting recipes from these 41 countries, here are 24 delicious dishes to start with. Thanks to my lovely BM buddies, we have everything from soups to desserts – all in one place.

Soups & Salads

Soups & Stews from Southern Hemisphere

Breads & Beverages

Breads & Beverages from Southern Hemisphere

Main Dishes & Snacks

Main Dishes & Snacks from Southern Hemisphere


Desserts from Southern Hemisphere

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